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September 10th, 2009

Just This Side of Hell, 12/16 @ 12:08 pm

Title: Just This Side Of Hell 12/16
Author: [info]vamphile
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam, Dean
Warnings: You know, there’s hell and stuff, thus Major Dean!Whumpage and Sam Emotional!Whumpage. Fun for the whole family.
Word Count: 2200+/-

Summary: Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions. (surprise!) Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Come along for the ride, might be fun... oh, and Bobby, there's a whole bunch of Bobby, which is right up there with pie.

A/N: This fic is complete in 16 chapters. They will be posted Mon-Thurs

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September 9th, 2009

Just This Side of Hell, 11/16 @ 12:24 pm

Title: Just This Side Of Hell 11/16
Author: [info]vamphile
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam, Dean
Warnings: You know, there’s hell and stuff, thus Major Dean!Whumpage and Sam Emotional!Whumpage. Fun for the whole family.
Word Count: 2600+/-

Summary: Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions. (surprise!) Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Come along for the ride, might be fun... oh, and Bobby, there's a whole bunch of Bobby, which is right up there with pie.

A/N: This fic is complete in 16 chapters. They will be posted Mon-Thurs

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September 8th, 2009

Just This Side Of Hell @ 01:09 pm

I'm going to be posting my SPN fic here as well as at LJ (permenanty insane with 5000 userpics? Yeah, i've always liked it here.)

If you don't want to read my SPN fic, I understand, feel free to defriend of rilter me, I won't be offended.

Here is my latest work. The first ten chapters are posted and linked.
Title: Just This Side Of Hell 10/16
Author: [info]vamphile
Rating: R
Warnings: You know, there’s hell and stuff, thus Major Dean!Whumpage and Sam Emotional!Whumpage. Fun for the whole family.
Word Count: 2600+/-

Summary Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions, (surprise!) Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Come along for the ride, might be fun... oh, and Bobby, there's a whole bunch of Bobby, which is right up there with pie.

A/N: This fic is complete in 16 chapters. They will be posted Mon-Thurs

Thanks to: [info]passing_through, You kept this fic going even when we both weren’t sure where it was going. Just… Thanks.

Banner and Icons by: [info]brianslave68 Who makes me want to write the kind of fic her banners deserve. Seriously, there are things I can’t do… pretty graphics is on that list and thus, I think you’re magical.

| I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI |

Chapter Ten

June 26th, 2009

(no subject) @ 08:25 pm

I won't miss him.
He was a talented musician.
He was a pedophile.
The body's barely cold and he's already a music icon/saint.
I shall repeat, for it bears repeating,
He was an active and predatory pedophile.


June 2nd, 2009


Vamphile's SPN Fiction
Master Post


This Time I Mean It Sam At Stanford, Pre-series to Pilot

Just Let Go Dean and Sam, Alternate Pre-Pilot Thingy

LEARNING THE TRUTH | Part One | Part Two | Part Three |
dean Visits Sam at Stanford Meets Jess. All Goes Well Except Something Followed Dean... ROAD TRIP!!!

The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and You
: Appocafic, a moody one shot that results in avoiding the apocalyps, sort of.

  Post 4.22  Sam's not sure how evil he is, or what to do with himself.  Dean's pretty sure letting Sam hurt himself isn't the answer.

A City Without Walls
I love the idea of Dean, who strives to be so in control of himself, just being psychologically very broken (you know, in a much more visible way than he already is) to the point of almost not being able to function, and in obvious need of being cared for.  Serious H/C for the [info]spnkink_meme  (1200 +/- words)

Idiot Sons  
Even in the afterlife married couples bicker.  (John/Mary 350 +/- words)

Via Trinus per Meus Frater
(Road Trip with My Brother) Dean idolizes John.  Sam takes care of Dean and in the end, it's all more complicated than it seems, or maybe it's simpler.  Pre-series and then slight AU for the Pilot.  (1800 +/- words)


Do We Need To Talk About This? Sam/Dean first time Set early season four

Sniper Vision
Starts with before the fire, follows John Sam and Dean, One Shot, All from Johns POV. Hard to put into a summary. Let's Say, John's POV on Sam and Dean and Sam&Dean (so obviously also wee!chester and Teen!chester)


Sweet Sixteen  PWP (Teen!Chester)

Ninja!  Dean went to hell, where the hell did Sam go?  Ninja! (900 words of crack)

Jack This  Sam, Dean, The Impala... it's not safe to try and break up that threesome, (600 +/- words)

Inevitable Dusk  Dean salts and burns something that decides to punish him by going after Sam.  (Stanford!Era) (9500 +/- words) caseficcy, Protective!Dean Protective!Sam.
A Language of Looks and Touches  PROMPT: A Language of Looks and Touches  Comment Fic. (350+/- words)

I Need You to Need Me
Dean doesn't ask for much in the bedroom. He doesn't ask for much other times either. But Sam knows what he needs.    Comment fic for [info]spnkink_meme  (1600+/- words)

Just This Side of Hell

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | 
Sam rescues Dean from hell, which has repercussions, (surprise!) Things get tricky because they're Winchesters, so there's guilt and pain and of course physical trauma because, you know, hell. Dean!Whumpage Emotional Sam!Whumpage


Rack 'em John with Grade School/Middle School Sam and Dean


Third Season's The Charm
PWP, First Time, Mostly goofy schmoop and then a bunch of NC-17

The Jelly Bracelet of Love
Unapologetic Schmoop


| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five |
Jensen is the host of Project Runway. Jared is a contestent. They like each other, a lot.


Time Constraints
Plus One

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three |
Jared Volunteers at a Dog Resuce.  Jensen Adopts a Dog From Him.  They Like Each Other, A Lot

  J2 ficlet regarding some things Jensen said at the Asylum Con in England

MANY A LONG NIGHT (AU) COMPLETE  Jensen's A Plumbing Contractor.  Jared's a Welder with a Secret.  They Like each other. A Lot.
| Part One | Part Two | Part Three| Part Four |

I Want to Take Your Photograph
  Schmoop with gift giving based on a photo of Jared on the lawn with Harley. (1000+/- words)

Lifespan  Jared/Jensen and Harley and Sadie after SPN is over, (kinda sad 600 words)

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six
Jared's a recent college graduate with a popular blog.  Jensen is a network executive who hires him.  They like each other.  A Lot.

Take The Sky From Me   Serenity under the Flogger, PWP  (Misha/Jeff)

Worth Fighting For
  Jensen's boyfriend hits him, Jeff takes action (no set pairing) written for spn_hurtcomfort meme (900+/- words)


March 24th, 2009

fuck it, i'm posting my SPN fic here too, you don't have to read it @ 06:26 pm

Author [info]vamphile
Timeline Pre-Series – Dead Man’s Blood (no spoilers)
Wordcount 7700
Summary Sam and Dean from John's POV
Disclaimer None, I own Supernatural, Sam, Dean, John.

I owe it all to [info]bookgirl24 for putting up with my babbling and revisions
[info]zaipixie for the art. It's pretty, you should click just for that.
[info]vl_redreign for the commas

John walked in and found his boys exactly where he expected, curled up around each other like puppies in a basket. It was always like this, the two of them looking like they’d collapsed mid-sparring match )

November 26th, 2008

Keeping Time Chapter Seven @ 09:15 pm

So, it's been a year and ten days, but I promised I would finish it and I did!
So, without further ado...

Chapter Seven of Keeping Time.

Chapter One is here
Chapter Two is here
Chapter Three is here
Chapter Four is here
Chapter Five is here
Chapter Six is here
Go to the index of my fiction if you want to catch up on the other stories in this series.

It was beta'd by [info]xie_xie_xie and [info]vlredreign

Chapter Seven of Keeping Time )


October 30th, 2008

Halloween Drabbles @ 04:47 pm

It's Halloween, or it will be tomorrow and since I couldn't write any halloween porn this year, i thought I'd retread something i wrote last year.

All Hallows Eve

eight drabbles with porn and some schmoop under the cut )

September 25th, 2008

Too Many @ 10:28 pm

I have two dogs.
I'm fostering a Lhasa.
I just took in two more fosters, (a yorkie mix and a puggle)

in general, all small dogs, combined... FIVE LITTLE DOGS all running in a pack around the house...

these dogs are adorable but i can't wait til they're at their forever homes and then i shall not take any more fosters for a bit so my dogs can have some serious mommy time. they should not have to crawl over other dogs to get to their spot on my pillow or behind my knee.

ION [info]bj_action has some really hot fics and you should read them and give love to the authors and special love to [info]not_yet_defined because she put the challenge together.

ION i'm devouring SPN on surfthechannel.com and right now i'm having bad withdraw issues because the toudu server is down and they're missing two season two episodes.


In the SAME news, surfthechannel seems to have lost their dr. who links and i seem to be quite sad about that.

so um... yeah, i'm going to bed now because it takes at least forty minutes for all five dogs to settle down enough for me to sleep.


September 21st, 2008

For all the HP fans on my flist (i'm one of them btw) @ 12:38 pm

From Post Secret

I thought of a lot of you that I know to be smart adult women who happen to really like a set of , (IMO) well written books with compelling characters that we're not supposed to like because we're not 15.

SUN (for the moment.) it might be a spamming my flist day. i apologize in advance)


September 14th, 2008

AARF @ 11:07 pm

no this post does not belong in [info]qaf_pets

upon the advice of... everyone i began recently to volunter for AARF (Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation), Hush, i didn't name them.

anyway so now, on saturday's i sit with 54 ounces of diet pepsi and a dog on a leash and sometimes i talk to people and sometimes i notice "omg they need water" and busy myself with dogs and thus not dealing with the multitudes of idiots people.

I have also learned something. Larger dogs, (40+ lbs) are difficult to find homes for. Pit Bull Mixes scare people even though the ones we have at the stands are very sweet and small dogs, while easy to find forever homes for, are difficult to find foster homes for.

(most people who foster have large dogs with issues) so today i have my second foster dog since i started with AARF. The first was a sweet terrier named sheba, she was 30 lbs. (my dogs thought she was enormous). This one is a Shi Tzhu, (yeah, kinda like twink but he's a mix) she's about two years ols and was left on a chain 24/7.

well, that's her story, but she's way too good in the house and too comfortable with the inside after 12 hours for me to think this is true.

i don't have a point, or a picture. I named her Powder, (she's mostly white) and she'll probably be renamed once she's adopted, which will probably be in two weeks. (a week to do the medical stuff and get some applications in. A week to check the reerences and arrange for her to go to her forever home)

why am i telling you this?

no reason at all. seriously. i'm feeling disconneccted from my life and well, sometimes typing about it makes me feel differently.

oh btw, yes, of course i have the option of adopting this prosh little thing but it is not time for me to get another dog and if i had another it would innterrupt my ability to foster those who need it.

i'd tell someone else this but long story short, even though they wanted me to volunterer, there are a few who would yell at me for fostering. i say, there's no such thing as too much adorable puppiness, (even if she is probably about 2.5 years old)


September 13th, 2008

I must be bored or high @ 07:32 pm

go here , put in the address of your fave QAF pic and see it become a kaleidescope. much fun if you're bored or high


September 12th, 2008

where i've been @ 12:24 am

September 10th, 2008

WTF? @ 07:40 pm

My gay BFF is voting for McCain.

i'm heartbroken.


August 31st, 2008

In The Broom Closet @ 01:08 am

I've been meaning to start this rumor for two days now.

Sarah Palin is in the broom closet.

That woman is a Wiccan, and while it woldn't stop me from voting for her, it would make the people who think that a anti-choice, blah blah blah, son going to iraq, blah blah blah, has overies, blah blah blah is younger than Obama, blah blah blah question her validity as a running mate.

what proof do i have?

her children's names.

Two most powerful wiccan's on Television? Willow Rosenberg, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Piper, (the oldest sister with the most kick ass powers on Charmed.)

her daughters names? Willow and Piper...

she's a wiccan, yo.

blog about it,
spread the word.

this information MUST get out ASAP.



August 21st, 2008

i'm sure it's been covered but... @ 03:25 pm

have you seen these?

i'm guessing those who think they came from ugly parents, still hate them. (yes, i am bored at work, why do you ask?)


August 20th, 2008

Warning, do not operate heavy machinery after reading this post @ 10:12 pm

so I've had a lot of random RL bullshit. Nothing bad... well, nothing worse than my usual random RL bullshit, however...

there have been a few changes at work that affect me directly. A) i'm there all the time and that might continue, (that's a good thing).
more about RL and noise )
what's my point?

i bought an MP3 player. I have to block out the noise.
it's this one

i use the green thingy because it mathes my calender and pen.

it only holds a gig and i probably got ripped off at best buy... but it was sort of an emergency purchase.

the thing is, i don't listen to music, so now, i'm just downloading books in the public domain.

SO... what books that were written over 100 years ago, are good?

i read/heard the picture of Dorian Gray today. I knew the story, (obviously) but never really sat down to read it before.

'twas cute.

okay, no, i didn't have a point... maybe you can think of a point for my next post.

i changed my layout again.

this time i think it looks like the lobby of a hotel that's trying to seem upscale. opinions?

August 17th, 2008

She's be 68 today, (that's still pretty young) @ 01:52 pm



So before you get all creeped out at the idea that my mother might read my IJ/LJ, she can't.
She died in October of 1999.
I am aware that i shouldn't miss her as much as I do, but I can't help it.
Everyone has roles that they fulfill in the family dynamic. I say this with full knowledge of how flawed she was...
she was the heart, the soul and the organizer. i know because i tried once she was gone to fill those gaping holes in the dynamic. I couldn't.
My family has disintegrated. I think my memory of her is disintegrating the same way her memory did before she died.

When we were all so very young, (i think she may have been younger than I am now) she used to say, when someone forgot what they were going to say.... "if you can't remember, it couldn't be that important."

Going by that, her children's names. Her husband of 37 years, nouns, all apparently weren't very important.

if you get a chance, hug your mom today, even if she's a raving lunatic, an irrational bitch, or you know, can't bake. I promise you'll never regret the time you hugged your mommy unless you do it once they've embalmed her :shudders:

August 15th, 2008

my plan @ 07:33 pm

it was Douglass Adams who said, (in dirk gently's holistic detective agency) that there's no point in doing what you want unless you've planned something else entirely and the whole point of a plan is so that you can ignore it. (i'm paraphrasing, and he was talking about a horse)

anyway, here is my plan, subject to random bouts of being ignored if i feel like doing something else this weekend.

Watch the three episodes of this season's Mad Men that i have yet to see, (the third one won't air til sunday) Watched the two i could so far

Update my resume

watch all five episodes of One Tree Hill reruns that i DvR'd. Done

try really hard not to write slash fic in my head about Chad Michael Murray, specifically H/C slash fic. so far so good

Work on the part that's got me stuck in Keeping Time, (it's aaron and Lee btw, brian and justin, even their fictional selves in my head are completely fine)

do at least two, maybe three loads of laundry

unload the dishwasher

load the dishwasher

make a wal-mart list, (meds, shampoo, conditioner, turkey, trash can etc.)

figure out how to get to work by nine every day next week, (except tuesday when i have an appt. and can't be there until twelve thirty)

spend copious amounts of quality time with my dogs.

get copious amounts of not medicated sleep if at all possible couldn't sleep unmedicated last night but did take a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon. now lets see how sunday goes

figure out if my current state is manic or depressive. (it's probably a mixed episode which would explain why i can't figure it out and fuck up my diagnosis, Again) it's depressive, so i can cross that off the list

try to figure out how to use photoshop, even a little.

investigate ram for my new computer.

finish JoJo's fashion show 2

possibly write a fun ficlette.

now do you understand why i'm so exhausted? (its becaus to me, this seems like a really lot of shit to do, when for most people it isn't.)

okay, 2.5 days and counting, time to get crackin... i think i'll start with the two episodes of mad men and then go to bed.


August 14th, 2008

Oddest of weeks @ 11:50 pm

So on September Second my full time job starts again. To keep from boring you i'll just say, i've been working full time at my part time job while my full time position as an in school counserlor was, well, waiting for the schools to reopen.

during this time i hit the three month mark at the FT job and qualified for benefits. I enrolled... with a lot of hassle because of a fuck up on HRs part. But after two days of back and forth with HR and the Benifits provider it was all set and i was good to go. At eight thirty in the morning i got confirmation of that.

at one in the afternoon my phone rang. i was at my PT job (that for the month of august has been my FT job) i said, "this can't be good" even though i didn't know who it was.

It was my FT job, laying me off because they don't have enough kids.

did you follow that? seriously.

Hi, here are your benefits, here is the training schedule for the rest of the month, oh and you're fired.

deep breath.

fortunately i'm still employed Full time at my part time job and will be til the end of august, after that, maybe i can stay full time at my part time job, or maybe i'll have found something else...

anyway, that's where i've been all week, (except for moneday when i posted fic)

i plan to post more fic and less work bullshit soon.

also, i have a new layour and i think i may have managed to frighten even myself with the ugliness of it. It's like a miami living room set circa 1987, with a little random clashing thrown in for good measure.


ETA I have since changed from the fern fronds of death to um... the pine box of... yeah, it's still death. It's a work in progress, bear with me.


August 12th, 2008

She was a good ol' girl @ 10:59 pm

She was, in 1999 I spent a thousand dollars on her, and over the years, had to put very little more in. A stick of ram here, an upgraded video card there, and she ran like a champ...

but sadly she just couldn't do it anymore. she chugged along but even the simplest gamehouse download made her breathe hard and running three programs at once... it was just too much for her.

so today, I am telling you about my compaq presario from my craiglsist find. 2.4 ghz processor, 512 of ram (that i'm probably going to upgrade) 80 gig hard drive, pre loaded with XP, MS office 2007, The Sims 2 including all expansion packs and the newest version of photoshop, which i have no CLUE how to use.

130 bucks. not bad huh?

so yeah, now i'm running on a new old machine. if it took me nine years to almost max out a 30 gig HD, i think this one will do fine by me.

also, it's fast yo, i mean, considering the old girl had been dying a little for a while.

i have nothing else to report at the moment but it's nice to type and not have to wait for the letters to catch up to my fingers on the screen, you know?

okay, "DH, New Earth" is on my DVR and i think i shall go watch rose and the doctor express joy over apple grass.



August 11th, 2008

Personal Space @ 06:40 pm

Title: Personal Space
Author: [info]vamphile
Timeline: Post 507 AU
Beta(s): [info]xie_xie_xie
AN: Written for this request by [info]iwant_todance
Rating PG (I'm as surprised as you)

Personal Space )


August 4th, 2008

His own worst Critic, Set in the visible 'verse @ 07:05 pm

Title: His Own Worst Critic
Author: [info]vamphile
Beta: My darling [info]xie_xie_xie who makes me a better writer, and sometimes a better person
Authors Notes(s): This is set in the "visible 'verse" which can be caught up on here at the index of my fiction.

But all you need to know is that Brian used to be a porn star, Justin was the virgin hired to have his cherry popped on film. That was years ago. Now Brian's a legit actor on Desperate Housewives and Justin is working as a set designer in LA.

Have fun. I live for feedback.

His own Worst Critic )


August 2nd, 2008

Edited repost @ 11:48 pm

Season One Suessian Poem


You can fuck him in your loft
and let your friends just mock and scoff

You can fuck him at the zoo.
Or in the car… you know you do.

Fuck the kid where you might like
On the stationary bike

The back room at Babylon
You know I could go on and on

Make it special. Make it right
Or just call it an early night

He’ll blow you in a bathroom stall
You needn't fuck him e’er at all

But if you’re gonna do the deed
There’s only one thing that I need

Rim him on the fucking moon
But just don’t fuck him in my room.

Brian's Reply:

I fuck a lot of guys, I know.
Backrooms are fun, put on a show.

I’ll fuck the kid, he’s kind of sweet.
Forsake the rule of no repeats

He’ll blow me while I drive my car
Cause freaks like that is who we are

He’s hot as hell and smart as fuck
Michael your bullshit's run amok

You’ve got your life and I’ve got mine
I cast no blame, my sex life’s fine

I know you wanted something more
Not gonna happen… there’s the door.

So yes I’ll fuck him where I want
Sometimes you are such a cunt

And if he’s living with your mom
Your room is where we'll get it on

I love you and you’re my best friend
This stupid crush has got to end

For Justin I am breaking rules
Don’t bitch at me you fucking fool

If you want to stick around
Then know my bed’s where he’ll be found

And my shower and my couch
The kid can make me seem the slouch

It’s part of life we grow and change
You needn’t make it seem so strange

You’ve got Ben you’ve got your life
Be happy as professor’s wife

Justin and I are solid, damn
Just grow up and be a man

Believe it like the stars above
Accept that he’s the one I love.

Justin’s response

Bottom line is Michael's lame
I’ll let him play this childish game

I’m not threatened, anymore
He thinks he knows Brian’s core

Well I know Brian better still
What he won’t do, what he will

I know the spots that make him moan
I know his moods I know his tone

I know what makes him come too fast
and I know how to make it last

You say i'm just some dumb-ass twink
As if I care what you might think<

I know what we have is more
It’s all that you were hoping for

I don’t think I can be more clear
I’m his twink and I’m still here.


July 31st, 2008

I never do this, except when I do @ 11:30 pm

I specifically never do this regarding other fandoms. I personally am only a member of teh QAF fandom.

That said, there is this writer...

you think I throw people/vampires/timelord/what-the-fuck-ever-Jack-is down wells?

She writes Hurt/Comfort like nobody's business.

You think I write long stories? 126 chapters and i sucked down every one and then started from teh beginning again, and i never do that.

Many of you have probably read the Spander Fic Reposession, as, if you're into spander fic, it's renown. But did you know she just wrote a Ianto/Jack fic called Attrition, that has Hurt Comfort and Ianto threatening to kill owen, and well, it all happens between season one and two of Torchwood, and um...

oh, just Go read everything she's ever written because it's really good. And then, you know, tell her, and me what you think. Me because i'm intersted and curious, her because she's written like a bajillion beautiful words and i don't even know her but can say that as a writer, it's what we like best.


July 25th, 2008

Gakked from Placticine_star @ 08:42 pm

I haven't posted in a while and i have a valid reason, but here's 70 questions with answers about things you never even really wanted to know about me.

meme )


July 20th, 2008

Stuff @ 08:41 pm

Happy Birthday Tesdog!

Here are pictures of twink's new haircut.

May 2008

July 2008


July 15th, 2008

(no subject) @ 09:03 pm

Twink got a haircut today. It had been five months. He's half shih-tzu half bichon, i forgot how tiny and young and cute he looks with almost no hair.

also, he has the perfect name as he is adorable freshly shorn, adorable when his hair is growing in like in late season four and adorable when he's all season three shaggy.

i will post pictures if i can get him to sit still tomorrow.

that is all.

~Twink and Jack's Mom.


July 9th, 2008

The war to end all wars? @ 08:26 pm

I have not had the time to truly play in the fandom for quite some time... way too long, really. This week was so much fun that I am surprised to find that I genuinely don't care who wins, because in the end, the fandom won.


June 22nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 04:46 pm

so i've been a really crap member of fandom lately.

I could list the reasons why but they all boil down to the same things i've been whining about forever.

what i really want to say is that i have not stopped thinking about B/J or QAF. I have not stopped coming up with cracky/porny plot bunnies. I've just been short on time to actually write them.

So basically, I miss my flist, well, i miss interacting with my flist, because i'm up to date on reading it, but not on replying or participating.

if i had a point, i would have made it in the first line.

so um, i'm not dead.



June 11th, 2008

Field Day For the Kids! @ 06:02 pm

The kids were excited. We rented a moon bounce thing, and had face painting and activities and it all ended early because...

Richmond police are investigating a shooting this afternoon in the city's Fairfield Court housing complex that left a young male with life-threatening injuries.

The shooting occurred about 1:50 p.m. in the 2200 block of Fairfield Avenue.

The victim was taken to VCU Medical Center.

There was no information on suspects.

And this is why our school field day for the first and second graders ended early today, because it happened at the middle school which is next to our school. We don't currently know if it was a middle school student or not.

Many of the kids had to stay late today because their homes would be blocked off by the police for at least another hour once school was dismissed.

The odds of it being a family member of one of our students is high.

No one seemed shaken by it.

I was, and i'm really not shaken easily.

People suck.

June 4th, 2008

update @ 06:48 pm

Tags: ,

this is some boring stuff so that i can keep track.

turns out it wasn't pink eye.

i won't be able to get my A/C fixed

I can't downgrade my cable without coming up with three hundred dollars and if i just stop having cable i'll lose my internet connection. (there is no phone line running to my house so i can't get DSL or Dial up)

The kids at the school where i work are breaking my heart. They're HUNGRY.  i don't mean they want a cookie... i mean a lot of them only get food at school, and the food being provided is crap, utter crap.  lunch today was nacho chips with unmelted shredded cheese and beef and beans, but the kids said no to the beef and beans so they all just ate a handful of corn chips for lunch and then we wonder why they have trouble focusing on anything but the possibility of a cookie later.

a first grader got suspended today for threatening me.  He deserved to be suspended but he was really afraid to go home because when his mom found out he'd get beat with the thick black belt. No, btw, this is NOT enough for me to report child abuse, or i totally would.  His mother is a prostitute, so most nights he's home alone with his fourteen year old sister.  it's all just so fucking bleak.

also, yesterday, i completely lost my voice, i mean, it wasn't just raspy like it is today, it was GONE.  good thing i wasn't scheduled to work yesterday.

my car got towed today for parking where they were cleaning the streets but there were no signs, so it cost me 60.00 to get my car, and if i choose to fight it, which i have every right to do, i'd have to take a day off from work which would cost me more than 60.00

why is this sooo anoying?  because i asked my boss where to park, he said, "i always just park along the street."

when i found out my car was towed, a woman in the office said, "you could have just parked in the back lot." 

i didn't KNOW there was a back lot, (i really didn't, the streets are lined with cars and it's an elementery school, i figured those were faculty cars.)

MOTHERFUCKER.  i just hate incompetent people, and um, myself, and um, life.


June 2nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 04:44 pm

I started a new job, and in school counselor for kids with behavior problems, (Six year olds.  there's a reason i don't have kids).

My A/C unit finally died, (it was installed in 1981 so i can't blame it for giving up the ghost. It's going to cost 2000.00 to fix.

I got a cold working with the little germ factories kids and now i'm losing my voice.

I still intend to write a fic for the BJ action challenge.

I just wanted to keep everyone up to date.


ETA: I think i'm getting pink eye. Fuck.


May 26th, 2008

M I A @ 12:37 am

Okay, it's more accurate to say i've been missing in Inaction, but it's amazing how much time being unemployed can take. boring but not depressive stuff about my life )


May 25th, 2008

My Challenge fics @ 05:44 pm


So here's a link to the challenge fics that I wrote, or co-wrote. They're formatted so well with the pics and everything over at qaf_challenges i figured I'd leave them like that.

I want to say a big thank you to [info]xie_xie_xie for coming up with the idea, actually organizing and posting the challenge and betaing everything but my drabble. (not that she wouldn't have but she trusted me not to fuck up too much punctuation, grammar and/or spelling in 100 word)

The other Thank Yous are to those who made the banners that inspired these stories. Oh, and if i'd had less RL bullshit and more time, i swear there were at least a dozen more that made my head spin with ideas.

Anyway, SUN... here are the links to my fics.

Second Thoughts For [info]qaf_challenges Challenge in Two Parts. Post 513 moody kinda thing

He Likes It Like That For [info]qaf_challenges Challenge in Two Parts. This is a spanking fic written from Justin's POV.

Absolutely Written by myself and [info]xie_xie_xie For [info]qaf_challenges Challenge in Two Parts. It's an AU and a little silly but mostly just fun and about Teh Love.

Without Words For [info]qaf_challenges Challenge in Two Parts. Brian's POV Post 502 Reunion Sex.

Done and Done For [info]qaf_challenges Challenge in Two Parts. What happens when Brandon puts Justin's name on the list? (not much, it's a drabble)

May 20th, 2008

quick stupid computer question @ 07:08 pm

so, if you can't log into gmail in anything other than HTML mode after installing a windows updated, is there a safe way to deinstall the windows update?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

PS. i have not read all the challenge fics yet, and i have not commented on any, (well, maybe two) but mostly not any, and after the authors are revealed i will feel safer in commenting while maintaining my anonymity and stuff.

also, i'm a lazy bint, but the whole anonymity thing sounds like a much better reason doesn't it?


May 13th, 2008

dammit! @ 12:45 am

So this is a pointless post.

I started recording the Gilmore Girls again because I've never seen season seven and ABC family stopped it the last two times it got to season seven because they didn't want to get in the way of DVD sales or some shit, but surely, by now, they're past that...right?


it ends at partings, AGAIN... which means six more seasons worth of episodes, (granted at two per day) before i even have a hope in hell of seeing season seven... grrr.

see, i'm a spoilerphobe, so please, no one tell me what happens, and i'm broke and don't even have a membership at a video rental place, so i couldn't rent it if i wanted to.

I shall, apparantly, never know if Luke and Lorilai finally marry, and what happens with Rory and Logan.

SO V. V. glad i had netflix when i fell in love with QAF.


May 9th, 2008

Xie despises me @ 05:32 pm

You Are Cilantro

The bad news is that there are some people who can't stand you.

The good news is that most people love you more than anything else in the world.

You are distinct, unusual, fresh, and very controversial. And you wouldn't have it any other way.


May 5th, 2008

Sad News @ 12:55 pm

Sonic died last night.

She was the tiniest of the tinys and the last of my original pack.

When she left, she took my young adulthood with her.

She will be missed.


May 4th, 2008

poledancing blond @ 02:41 pm

when i'm in a really bad mood, i go here .

If i want to be in a really bad mood, i go Here

below are my favorites from both of them today.

pole dancing blond and a not so secret feeling )


May 1st, 2008

I would like to introduce you to.... @ 03:30 pm

So, back in the day, when i was employed, and sleep deprived, and probably a little manic, i came across a listing on craigslist for a yorkie-poo. OMG, that's what sonic is!!!

what happened next, oh, and a poll )


Not sure why i'm posting this but... @ 01:48 pm

Hal sparks was on "the history of the joke" rockin the season three Justin hair... i wanted to post a pic but apparantly he considered it that "in between" stage, because now it's even longer and creepier

here's a vid of him talking about it.

i'd embed it but i can't figure out how at the moment... i suck like that.


April 30th, 2008

Did you miss me? And a little meta on Teh Love @ 06:59 pm

I know i've been quiet lately. I lost my job on friday so my depression sort of grabbed hold and is hanging on. The good news about my being sumarrily dismissed, besides not having to be somewhere at eight am, is that i have time to breathe again, and to think about Teh Love...

here's what I think,

Teh Love, like no other )


April 22nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 08:42 pm

due to storm warnings i had no internet yesterday.

i can't post my drabbles today.
i'll post three tomorrow.


Gakked from Valerie_z on LJ @ 06:22 pm


1. Go to www.flickr.com
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

my results )

April 20th, 2008

Drabble Of The Day @ 08:48 pm

I have food poisoning and there was a severe storm warning all day, i lost power twice. GRRR.

i may take another crack at this concept later in the week.

prompt=mirrors for [info]testdog65

oh, and it's STILL post 513 schmoop, i guess that's just the mood i'm in.

What the Mirror Doesn't Tell You

Brian had counted on mirrors to tell him everything. His reflection let him know when to take a night off from Babylon, when to add another couple of reps to his workout, when to seriously cut back on the carbs, and when to say screw it, and drink and fuck until he passed out.

He marveled at the changes in his life sometimes. Now, The way Justin smiled when he put on his new black sleeveless shirt, the way his eyes got darker when he gripped Brian’s biceps as they kissed, was more reliable than his mirror ever had been.

April 19th, 2008

Drabble(s) Of The Day @ 08:16 pm

So set to my defualt, i write post 513 schmoop... which seems like a good thing, but gets redundant eventually.

if i'm changing my theme/prompt i should do it tomorrow... thus... PROMPT ME!

oh, also, sorry about not posting one yesterday, still fighting a migraine that hit like a Tsunami at about four friday afternoon, thus no drabble, or you know, light or sound.


Brian opened his eyes and pushed Justin back. “I told you to stop staring at me. It’s fucking creepy.”

“I can’t help it.”


Justin sat back against the headboard but never took his eyes off Brian.

Brian stood up, pulling on a pair of jeans. “Justin, you’re here, it’s real. I promise if you blink, all that will still be true.”

Justin blinked deliberately. Brian laughed, leaning over the bed to kiss him. He moved onto the bed so that he could run his hands through Justin’s hair. Then he gently kissed Justin’s closed eyelid. “I missed you too.”

Justin answered his phone. “I’m still here.”

“That’s not why I was calling.”

“So what reason did you come up with this time?”

“I can’t just call to find out if you want to meet me somewhere for dinner?”

“You couldn’t have asked me that in one of the seven previous phone calls today?”

“So do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Don’t play dumb.”

“Who said I’m playing playing? And yes, we can meet somewhere for dinner, although that would require me getting dressed.”

“Never mind, I’ll bring take out.”

“Mmm, that sounds good. Oh, and Brian, I missed you too.”

April 17th, 2008

Drabble Of The Day @ 06:09 pm


Debate This

“Justin? What happened?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess we need a new TV.”

“That was my new 52 inch plasma screen.”

“It was.”

“Do you know what it cost?”


“Can I ask why?”

Justin shrugged. “I was watching the debate on ABC and…”

Brian cut him off with a kiss. “You’re pathetic.”

“Did you watch any of it?”

“Yes, but I’m not seeing the connection between their atrociously insulting behavior and my new Television.”


Brian pulled Justin upstairs. “Sorry’s bullshit. I am glad we don’t have a gun in the house or I’d have to start calling you Elvis.”

(no subject) @ 05:49 pm

ten question geography quiz... the things i don't know scare me... and i got a six out of eight



April 16th, 2008

Drabble(s) Of The Day @ 07:39 pm



He's making sure I'm watching. I can't tear my eyes away.. He smiles over his shoulder and then, still standing, spreads his legs and works two lubed fingers into his ass, fucking himself with them until he's close. He stops, I'd say something but I'm too intent on watching him bury the plug in his ass. He grunts as he does it and then turns around, his cock hard, his smile wide. He stands between my knees, running his hands down my arms, stopping when he reaches my bound wrists; then drops to his knees. Christ I love this man.

Once I'm on my knees I bind his ankles to the legs of the chair. He makes no sound, and doesn't resist but the slight tremble in his thigh and the way his cock bounces as I touch his calf give him away. I kiss my way up his leg, licking and nipping at the skin on the inside of his thighs, watching as he literally squirms trying to get his balls closer to my mouth. When my lips are finally on them I kiss his sac lightly. His back arches and his head falls back. "Mmmm I love you."

Everything is Dean's Pie

My fandom can salt and burn yours